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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Heating Assistance Program at risk - News 10 WTEN: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports

Home Heating Assistance Program at risk - News 10 WTEN: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The China Myth
Many people have been bamboozled by the china myth, in reality Communist China is a communist controlled country where you are guilty until proven innocent, you have no rights only the state dictates what where when and how many children you can have.
Communist china's paper economy is fueled by SLAVE LABOR
Shame on ABC NEWS for trying to put a good face on a SLAVE STATE.{puff piece}
FACT the Chinese only on average make about $60 dollars a month.
FACT for years Communist china subsidized their fuel Oil & Gasoline
artificially kept the price down, thus accelerating their economy.
With SLAVE LABOR and the special trade status the Untied States has given communist china.
Yet Communist china is building the largest army in the world for what Peace or WAR or to further enslave their people, NO UNIONS OR PEACE GROUPS, .
Out of 1.5 BILLION people about 200 million live and work in their economic
development zones the rest of the1.3 billion people are farmers and factorty workers who live in poverty .
fact china has blocked most internet sites , no free internet in china.
fact china is poisoning{ EXTREME AMOUNTS OF POLLUTION} the world in it's mad dash for the american dollar.
fact the money that china makes it uses to enslave it's people , Free Tibet, Remember those people wanted freedom and were met with death and suffering from the communist peoples army . At some point china will break up when their economy collapses.
At some point when Europe and America wake up and realize you can't trade with a snake and rebuild their economies and realize their dealing with a county that is dedicated to their destruction.
Prove me wrong remember Korea and Vietnam.
We will be watching

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